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Cryptocurrency App Checklist for 2018: Take your Game to the Next Level

By Just Bitcoin News / July 20, 2018

In this cryptocurrency app roundup, we take you on a journey through the information platforms keeping traders, enthusiasts, developers, speculators and casual observers alike clued into the world of virtual currencies. While most of these tools are available for desktop and laptop setups, we want to focus on the mobile versions for professionals and amateurs […]


What is DECENT (DCT)? | Beginner’s Guide

By Just Bitcoin News / July 16, 2018

What is DECENT? DECENT is a decentralized application (DApp) ecosystem comprised of the DCore blockchain and DCT altcoin. The ecosystem includes APIs, SDKs, and other core features to help businesses build blockchain solutions.     Currently, the DCore product specializes in digital media and entertainment, but you can use the product however you like. This […]


This Week in Crypto: July 13, 2018

By Just Bitcoin News / July 13, 2018

Down We Go After a single week of gains, we’re back to dippin’, folks. Cryptocurrency’s total market cap took a 6% hit this week, dropping to $249 bln. This valuation has the entire market floating in numbers that we saw at the beginning of April after the market calmed down from its late-February/March drop-off.  It’s […]


HODL Your Horses! Why No Move Can Be the Best Move

By Just Bitcoin News / July 11, 2018

Warren Buffett once said, “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years” By now, most crypto enthusiasts know Warren B is not the biggest fan of Bitcoin. More precisely, he hates it. However, he is arguably the best investor of all time. Therefore, it would […]


What is Litecoin Cash (LCC)? | A Beginners Guide

By Just Bitcoin News / July 8, 2018

What is Litecoin Cash (LCC)? Litecoin Cash (LCC) is a Litecoin fork that has a higher max supply, runs the SHA256 mining algorithm, and has better difficulty adjustment. Forks, forks everywhere. 2017 was a record year for cryptocurrency forks. There were probably more forks in 2017 in crypto than you would find in a department […]


Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA), and Tron (TRX): BIG News

By Just Bitcoin News / July 6, 2018

The cryptocurrency market surged towards the second-half of the week but will most likely end Friday in the red. At press time, the total cryptocurrency market is trading just below the $270 billion mark. Some of the coins with movement today include Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA), and Tron (TRX). Let’s take a look at these […]


How Peter Kroll’s Paper Wallet Protects Cryptocurrency

By Just Bitcoin News / July 5, 2018

Since its invention, a recurring question for cryptocurrency holders has been how to best secure their digital assets. This question of security carries the greatest weight when one understands the stakes of holding unprotected cryptocurrency — vulnerability to hackers. Since 2011, software developers have kept this problem at the back of their minds. One such […]


The 7 Biggest Bitcoin Mistakes of All Time

By Just Bitcoin News / June 29, 2018

It was once said, a dumb person doesn’t learn from their mistakes, a smart person learns from their mistakes, and a genius learns from other people’s mistakes. This age-old saying rings ever true in the crypto market. Nobody’s perfect, and your Bitcoin mistakes can end up costing you big time. There are no refunds or […]

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